Data Quality for the CFO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  and Chief Operating Officer (COO) are most familiar with the damage of poor quality data in their organisation, and the paralysing effect that ambiguous, delayed or inaccurate numbers have on decision making.

Our field research proves that it is common for 20% or FTE’s (or 1 in 5 staff) cannot perform their primary job function at all, due to poor quality data. Finance departments are typically one of the hardest hit of all business units.

Most IT organisations have a “technical” view of data quality (like Data Profiling, etc), but rarely have a coherent “business” understanding of which data services or components need to be improved to increase the ease, fidelity and accessibility of vital data to improve individual and business unit performance.

CFO’s and COO’s are typical sponsors of invoking ClearDQ to understand the commercial damage of poor quality data (by person, business unit, system, data subject area), review the business  improvement roadmap automatically generated by ClearDQ, anddrive the remedial conversation and data investment priority with IT, rather than being held hostage to technocrats who cannot (or are not motivated, or lack the diagnostic tools) to solve this growing problem.


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