Strategic Data, Infonomics & Big Data

Vincent-Philippe Lauzon's

UPDATE (19-01-2016):  Have a look at Azure Data Lake series for more posts on Azure Data Lake.

From wanted to talk a bit about your Strategic Data & the concept of Data Lake (regardless of its implementation).

Nowaday, data is seen less and less as a commodity, as a byproduct of running systems.  More & more it is seen as an asset.  For some tech giant, data is their lifeblood, their treasure chest.

This is the essence of Infonomics:  assigning economic value to information.  The 7 principles of Infonomics are:

  1. Information is an asset
  2. Information has both potential and realized value
  3. Information’s value can be quantified
  4. Information should be accounted for as an asset
  5. Information’s realized value should be maximized
  6. Information’s value should be used for prioritizing and budgeting IT and business initiatives
  7. Information should be managed as an asset

Now Infonomics is an emerging discipline and appears is…

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